Nature Notes (#195)~Perhaps I am a bear, or some hibernating animal underneath, for the instinct to be half asleep all winter is so strong in me.~Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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Nature Lovers all over the world participated in Nature Notes last week..Thank you all so much!!

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1.Hanne Min fotoblog ” Playing with water drops” Denmark
2.Tina ” RUNDUM SCHNEE!!! Germany
3.Maboe ” Rice Paper” Norway
4.Donna@ Gardens Eye View ” They Never Showed Up For The Dance” USA
5.Amit Agarwal ” Brotheren…on distant lands!” India
6.Laura Hegfield ” Vulnerable” USA
7.dianne ” The Clean Up Goes On” USA
8.Ook, she wrote ” Capitol Reef Animals” Germany
9.Carver ” moving into mid January” USA
10.Karen, Pixel Posts “A New Kid On The Block” Canada
11.Nature Footstep Birds ” Common Tree creeper” Sweden
12.Aktuella bilder ” Snowcovered surroundings”, Sweden
13.Kusum ” Birds- Egret Portrait” India
14.Tina’s Pic Story ” lucent sunset” Germany
15.Pat “A Wake of Vultures” USA
16.Eileen ” Pelicans.. White & Brown” USA
17.Andrea ” Seed Art” Philippines
18.Freda’s Day One ” Winter Morning” Canada
19.nature rambles ” Some Sights From Diyungmukh” India
20.Lorri M.’s Writings and Photography USA
21.Dancing Aspens Farm ” Bookmark the permalink. Scratching Around” USA
22.Coloring Outside the Lines ” Morning Sage” USA
23.Jill ” And now for something fairly gross.” USA
24.Jeff’s Ecobirder ” Orange- barred Sulphur” USA
25.EG Camera Girl ” Mid January/ Nature Notes” Canada
26.bettyl ” river to the ocean” New Zealand
27.Nell ” Winter Water” Canada
28.Deserts and Beyond ” Palm oasis” USA
29.Jennifer ” Listen To The Trees – WW” USA
30.Repurpose My Life ” Spring Peepers” Ohio


This week in western New York…very cold, very windy and some snow…yes a typical winter. These photos are taken from within the house….

Downy Woodpecker Pounding Open a Seed

Downy Woodpecker Pounding Open a Seed

Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal


blue spruce

the pond and woods

signs of season

What are you seeing in nature? It can be from your own backyard, the local park, out on a hike or anywhere. What plants and animals catch your interest? What do you find interesting in nature? Take a photo, write a post, a story, a poem, anything goes because I love to see what Mother Nature is up to in your area. PS..please check back and visit bloggers who post later in the week!

26 thoughts on “Nature Notes (#195)~Perhaps I am a bear, or some hibernating animal underneath, for the instinct to be half asleep all winter is so strong in me.~Anne Morrow Lindbergh

  1. That’s wonderful, Michelle, that you can still get such lovely photos from inside. You have set up your environment so nicely for yourself. I hope you feel better from your latest ailment soon. We are in Vermont now – too cold to go outside to take photos.


  2. Hi Michelle, I hope you are recovering and feeling better from the bug or virus. Your post is lovely, the birds are pretty and I love the snow covered pine tree. THanks for hosting another week even while you are feeling sick. Take care! {HUGS} Eileen


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