Nature Notes (#191)~ Happy New Year!

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Nature Lovers from Canada, India, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Sweden and the United States participated in Nature Notes last week..

Thank you all so much!!

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1.Island Rambles ” Pelicans Christmas Wishes” Canada
2.Donna@ Gardens Eye View” Giving” NY, US
3.Laura Hegfield “ Life’s Storms” US
4.Jennifer” Orange, Blue and Brown” Germany
5.Lorri ” Wings and Fluff” US
6.Arija ” Aftermath of Christmas” Australia
7.Bettyl ” clouds with ships on the horizon” New Zealand
8.Loredana Donovan- Blogging Away- White Christmas, CT, US
9,Kusum, ” Natures’s Wonder Horseshoe Bend”, Arizona
10.Eileen ” Dark- Eyed Junco” Maryland, US
11.Pat Bailey Road ” Downy Woodpecker”, US
12.Jeff Ecobirder ” West Indian Manatee” MN, US
13.Nature Footstep Photo ” Winter Waters” Sweden
14.Twiggy “A Piece of Heaven” Sweden
15.Erin Dancing Aspens Farm ” Free” US
16.Deep Canyon The border regions”, CA
17.Linda Crafty Gardener “A Winter Storm” , Canada


I want to thank everyone who has participated in Nature Notes for the past year. It has been such fun to go and vicariously visit your countries via your Nature Notes posts. It is so heart-warming to know that there are others who appreciate the wonders that Mother Nature provides. Nature Notes has also kept me blogging during some very difficult times this past year. I knew I wanted to keep it going and that kept me blogging. I thank each and every one of you for that and hope that Nature Notes continues for a long time.

This is a college of some of the Nature Notes’ colleges of 2012 and a listing of the participants.

2012 blogger collage

Thank you all and I wish you a very Happy and Healthy 2013

What are you seeing in nature? It can be from your own backyard, the local park, out on a hike or anywhere. What plants and animals catch your interest? What do you find interesting in nature? Take a photo, write a post, a story, a poem, anything goes because I love to see what Mother Nature is up to in your area. PS..please check back and visit bloggers who post later in the week!

40 thoughts on “Nature Notes (#191)~ Happy New Year!

  1. Hello Michelle, the year 2013 when combined the numbers make a 6 so it is a 6 year in numerology, it is the motherhood number, a year of nurturing and sympathy. It is the most harmonious of all numbers. It is the caretaker number. It illustrates sacrifice, caring, healing, protecting and teaching. No community can survive without this power of 6 to remain safe together. The number 6 creates an environment of peace and harmony. These traits seems also to describe your beautifully designed website and community you have create here, and you. You gave birth to all this from within,…. Whatever happens ….. know that just from within you, you have raised a blog child here and built a community. You have done so much to raise awareness of nature. 2013 will be a good year for mother earth.


  2. Michelle, thank you for hosting this fun nature Notes meme. It is fun to see nature scenes from around the world. And I am looking forward to see many more posts in 2013. I wish you all the best in 2013, Happy New Year!


  3. you inspire me, and others, to learn more and do better for nature

    I can’t believe you put that amazing collage together and then did all those links!!
    I would have become too frustrated

    thanks for all you do

    hugs from me and Hope


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