Nature Notes (#189)~Earth is passing through the orbit of an asteroid called 3200 Phaethon, and astronomers think we’re seeing its debris — shooting stars,

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Nature Lovers from Canada, India, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Sweden and the United States participated in Nature Notes last week..

Thank you all so much!!

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Here in western New York State…..

On the evening news –The Geminid meteor shower is one of the best showers of the year For us in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s cold on these December nights. That’s probably the only reason the Geminid meteor shower isn’t as well-known or popular in this hemisphere as the annual Perseid meteor shower in August. The Geminids often fall at rates even greater than the Perseids. In 2012, the new moon guarantees us moon-free nights for this year’s Geminid meteor shower.

I couldn’t sleep Thursday (Dec 13)  night and bundled up and went out to see if I could see a meteor (falling star) as I have never seen one. I got out to the lawn, looked up and said, “I could use some magic right now.” And I saw the first one and second one right then and no more for the next half-hour. Yes Folks, there is magic in the world and a lot of it can be seen in our own backyards… It was AMAZING.

Earth is passing through the orbit of an asteroid called 3200 Phaethon, and astronomers think we’re seeing its debris — shooting stars, more than 50 per hour, many of them no larger than grains of sand, burning up as they plow into the atmosphere.

The Geminids, which happen this time of year like clockwork, are an oddity. Most major meteor showers — the Perseids in August, the Leonids in November — have occurred for thousands of years, caused as Earth passes through clouds of debris left by passing comets.

But the Geminids only appeared in the 1860s. Not until 1983 did astronomers find 3200 Phaethon, in a lopsided orbit that crosses our own and also brings it close to the sun — close enough, they theorize, that the sun’s heat cracks it and kicks up dust, which, over time, has spread out along the asteroid’s path.

Not my photos…..


Photo: Reuters

(Photo: Flickr/Shan Sheehan)

(Photo: Flickr/Shan Sheehan)

Brian Emfinger

Brian Emfinger

Frank S. Andreassen /

Frank S. Andreassen /

Legend has it that wishing upon a shooting star makes the wish come true. It is believed to have originated in Europe, when Greek astronomer Ptolemy, around AD 127-151, wrote that the Gods occasionally, out of curiosity, even boredom, peer down at the earth from between the spheres, and stars sometimes slip out of this gap, becoming visible as shooting or falling stars. Since the Gods are already looking at us at such a time, they tend to be more receptive to any wishes we make!

What are you seeing in nature? It can be from your own backyard, the local park, out on a hike or anywhere. What plants and animals catch your interest? What do you find interesting in nature? Take a photo, write a post, a story, a poem, anything goes because I love to see what Mother Nature is up to in your area. PS..please check back and visit bloggers who post later in the week!

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36 thoughts on “Nature Notes (#189)~Earth is passing through the orbit of an asteroid called 3200 Phaethon, and astronomers think we’re seeing its debris — shooting stars,

  1. Dearest Michelle, may your wishes come true. I thought about going out that night, but have a hard time moving well at the end of the day, let alone in the night. I’m so pleased you were able to see two “falling stars.” I have seen them twice in my life, on separate occasions, but not during expected meteor showers. Sending love and blessings to support your wishes.

  2. Shooting stars are one of the most magical things nature has to offer. It was too cloudy for me to see the Geminids this year, but I saw a couple when I was on holiday in Denmark – far away from cities, with a spectacular night sky. Watch out for the Perseids in summer, that is a great meteor shower to watch.

  3. Michelle, glad you had a nice time. Once I tried to stay awake and drove to a place with less light pollution in northern California to watch Perseid meteor shower. I did see few shooting stars. But, sometimes mid-night’s cold makes me give up!

  4. Great post. Meteor showers are so amazing. I’m not going to be posting for nature notes this week. As a matter of fact my last Carver’s Sight post is last week’s nature notes. Blogger is being a major pain for me so I’m taking a little time off from blogging except for ABC Wed. since I committed to being part of the team this round. Even with that I cheated and did W and X together on Carver Cards. I almost posted the same shot I used for that for nature notes since wren on a wreath for x-mas works for nature notes but decided not too. I don’t know if it’s just me but when I try to visit blogs (been happening for a few weeks) at first it says the sight can’t be found and then after a half dozen tries they finally load. It even happens with my own blog when I try to check it out on mine as a control. Anyway, it’s just too frustrating, especially when I’m busy, so I’ll give it a week or maybe two and see if it resolves. I hope you and your family have a peaceful happy Christmas.

  5. I like the legend…sometimes when we put a wish out into the universe it will materialize….sometimes it justs lifts one’s spirit to wish or to dream but what if we were designing our own existence by the thoughts we were thinking.

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