Nature Notes (#185)~We could never have loved the earth so well if we had had no childhood in it.~George Eliot,


Nature Lovers from Canada, India, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Sweden and the United States participated in Nature Notes last week..

Thank you all so much!!

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28.Amit Agarwal-Safarnaamaa..-…homecoming!-India


This week in the woods…. Nothing to do with the nature of wildlife, but the nature of man. Since my Mother passed away in October, someone has been using at least one credit card and her checkbook to open new accounts and to buy things in her name. One charge was made the night she died. I don’t know how anyone could prey on the dead like that and it has caused an awful headache for me trying to track all of this down and then proving that Mom is gone and that this isn’t her. I get stuck in these voice-activated phone systems where there is no selection for “DEAD”. Then I get to a person who then insists on talking to my Mother and I’ve taken to saying that I have been “unable to channel” her since her death. It is like getting a scab poked open every day. Who preys on the dead knowing it will cause heartache? Man…only man….

My Mother left at least 150 paintings done over her lifetime and almost all of them have to do with nature. Mom worked in oils early, then moved to acrylics and then water colors. I found this painting that I think is done in oil and have it hanging in my family room. As I looked at it I realized that it looked so familiar and then I realized that it is done at our summer cabin where I stayed as a child looking across the pond.

It was at this western New York state cabin that my sister and I spent so many happy summer vacations away from the hot city. It was there that my Great-aunt took us on early morning bird walks and let us use the binoculars. There was a pond with a row-boat and my sister and I would row into magical adventure after adventure on the high seas.

My sister is the baby on the left and I am the little girl kneeling in the front taken in Sardina NY 1960

cabin in Sardinia NY 1960


I always loved the water and I think that it probably stems back to all the swimming we did in the cabin’s pond. One of my favorite things to do when I had my own daughter was to go down to the Niagara River and feed the ducks or “DUTS” as my daughter used to say.

Mom & Dee 1981

And all these years later, I am back on a pond with the ducks…..

my daughter and her dog Darwin sitting along pond 2005

mama duck and ducklings

fall pond with ducks


I had posted this earlier in the week from a nature program called the “DUCKumentary”. This is a clip that shows just how much work goes into keeping the feathers in good shape and waterproof called preening. It is a 2 minute clip.

Thank you for indulging me in some nostalgia this week.

What are you seeing in nature? It can be from your own backyard, the local park, out on a hike or anywhere. What plants and animals catch your interest? What do you find interesting in nature? Take a photo, write a post, a story, a poem, anything goes because I love to see what Mother Nature is up to in your area. PS..please check back and visit bloggers who post later in the week!

29 thoughts on “Nature Notes (#185)~We could never have loved the earth so well if we had had no childhood in it.~George Eliot,

  1. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with the thief using your mother’s cards. That’s terrible. I like your mother’s painting and great seeing the family shots. I always enjoy your nature photography. I hope you have a peaceful thanksgiving. Take care, Carver


  2. Hi Michelle, the family photos are beautiful. I can see now where you get your love of nature. It seems as a child you were always around nature, and then you shared nature adventures with your daughter, too. How nice. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving 🙂


  3. Oh, that is so lovely. Well, all but the person stealing from your dead mother! Good grief! and no, you don’t need that kind of grief now.

    I love your mother’s paintings, and especially the memories this one has triggered in you. It sounds so idealistic, growing up with summers on the pond.


  4. I have ducks too this week (not as cute as yours)….

    It’s lovely to have those paintings and photos to remember your mom’s good days — and your own at the wonderful cabin. Someday all the hassles will be wrapped up and you can just remember the good stuff. (And there must to be a special place reserved in some kind of hell for those credit card thieves!)


  5. I can understand how untangling stuff related to your mom can be painful. Thank you for sharing her painting – so she loved nature, too. I like seeing you as a young mom. And your fall pond photo is just beautiful – you do have a great eye.


  6. Oh! That credit card thing is unacceptable. People can go to any limits when it comes to money and fraud. But, I love that painting and the your memories attached to it. Great post.


  7. Your mother’s painting is beautiful, and I’m glad it brought back such happy memories for you. How wonderful that she was able to leave a legacy like that.

    I am so sorry about the identity theft you’re having to deal with. I do hope the companies involved get it sorted out quickly.


  8. How awful to have to deal with identify theft following a death. Man is definitely the only animal that preys on others of its own kind.

    Thanks for sharing your memories and family with us – time spent in nature as a child is what has shaped many of the greatest naturalists – you’re in excellent company!


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  10. Michelle, what a lovely post and look back. You daughter is pretty. I wish they had a way of stopping the identity theft. I never looked up my mother after her death in 1992. I can just imagine.How were you able to find out, what was going on? I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!


  11. such a beautiful painting Michelle, your mother was so very gifted… clearly looking through your many photos, she captured the essence of nature in your area beautifully. Love to see all the old photos too. Happy Thanksgiving… I know it won’t be an easy one, still there is always something new (or remembered) to be grateful for.


  12. Hi Michelle, it is good to have some nostalgia, especially when you are going through so much right now..loved the pics of your daughter and at the Niagra River. Here we all are going through this process, aging, growing wiser and experiencing life’s ups and downs. I am so glad we can do it together and in some way share in a blog. Oh I loved the duck video, you find the most interesting things.


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