Wishing The Best For The Survivors of Hurricane Sandy…

As I sit here under the gloomy skies caused by the remnants of Sandy, I can’t help but feel so very grateful that unlike my downstate neighbors, western NY only got some wind and rain. The unbelievable damage to the coastline and especially to New York and New Jersey is so very sad to watch. Thankfully our family who live in that area are safe with only a loss of power. Another relative who lives outside of Cleveland, Ohio had a big tree fall on their house, but no one was hurt.

Local volunteer fireman who specialize in water rescue were on their way to New York to help when they received a call that their services were not needed. I don’t understand why EMT’s and trained divers would not be needed to help out and I hope others aren’t being turned away as it seems that there is a lot to do and probably more people to locate in flooded home. I am thinking of you all and wishing you the best…Michelle..

10 thoughts on “Wishing The Best For The Survivors of Hurricane Sandy…

  1. Since crossing New York state during our travels last spring, I have such a much clearer vision of the geography of the area. I wondered what was the affect of Sandy on the western part of the state. I’m glad to hear you and your loved ones are OK.


  2. Hi Michelle — I have been reading all of your posts lately but somehow I find it hard to comment lately because your posts always deserve so much more than a routine response and sometimes I just can’t do that (lack of time and/or talent ;>)( — I knew that you were safe from the worst of Sandy’s damages, because our grandson and g-dil are in upstate New York and so we were watching those maps; and then he of course let his mom and dad know they were OK quite early on. But the whole weather-related thing is a lot for you to deal with anyway along with everything else. I was sad to read that your mom’s last will was written at a time of anger (sad for her)….but you have a good attitude about it…after all, it’s just stuff in the end and you know you did your best for her and that’s what lasts forever.


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