Circus of The Spineless~Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will.~James Stephens

Beetles in the Bush has the 47th edition of the Circus of the Spineless
Five years ago I set out to replace my fear with curiosity about what goes on in my own backyard. I am not the type of woman who likes to get her hands dirty and would always run screaming from the room that had a spider. I am a work in progress, but for the most part I am more amazed than afraid.  Any yes Virginia, I get my hands dirty.

I really enjoy the sounds on insects and when we get into the fall, I go and explore to see what is still stirring around. I was surpised to find an autumn meadow hawk dragonfly who considered my hanging basket his personal territory.

I started looking around the yard to see if I could find any other late season dragonflies and sure enough..on my neighbor’s deck ….

I found a pair of them mating.

And for people like me who might not know all the details, I made a chart. When I originally blogged about this last fall, I got one comment from a new visitor to the effect that the photo was kind of racy. OK, I don’t think the adult industry has any X-rated videos with dragonflies, but who knows.

9 thoughts on “Circus of The Spineless~Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will.~James Stephens

  1. Your quote of the day sounds like a description of me Michelle. LOL!! Maybe I am just too stupid to be scared. You have done so well at getting over your fear of spiders and should be an inspiration to others. Your story is amazing.


  2. Wonderful photographs. I envy you the detail you capture in the dragonfly shots. Mine are usually camaflauged where they land.

    I have to admit that I’ve always liked to get my hands dirty and resisted garden gloves, except when digging and doing things that blistered them. I paid for it as I’ve gotten older and now I have to practically bath in lotion and I never do anything without gloves if I can avoid it.


  3. I don’t like the idea of playing in the dirt, but I enjoy being outside. So gardening is an odd sort of thing for me. What I’ve found is once I get going, I enjoy it quite a lot. But I’m driven by accomplishment and so it is the result more than the digging in dirt … way, way more than digging in … the [choke] … dirt.

    [leaves to wash her hands]


  4. Checked out the other pics you linked to as well. Love your pics. It’s interesting how some dragonflies seem to return to the same spots repeatedly. Makes it easier to photograph them if they’re predictable 🙂

    I had a great time with dragonflies last year. I think they’re my favorite insects at the moment.


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